Nilex offers one-hour Lunch & Learns that offer Professional Development Hours once you have attended the session. Each session delivers the information and resources you need to better understand the economic, technical, and environmental advantages of geosynthetics in five application areas:

Roads — Subgrade Improvement, Base, and Pavement Reinforcement
• Simplify construction  • Extend service life  • Reduce required materials

Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) ECOTech Systems
• Choices in grade separation systems  • Retaining walls (block, panel, stone-faced, wire)  • Reinforced slopes (green alternatives)

Erosion/Sediment Control
• Retain soil  • Keep silt and sediment out of stormwater systems  • Revetment systems for shoreline and pipeline protection  • Replace/reduce rip rap  • Prevent scour  • Enhance vegetation

Water Management
• Reduce/replace granular drainage materials  • Minimize excavation and hauling  • Green roofs

• Contain valuable or hazardous materials  • Control seepage  • Geomembranes and geosynthetic clay liners