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Join Ian Corne, Nilex Erosion & Sediment Control Application Specialist, for an exploration of the three considerations that define the Nilex Consultative Approach to Hydraulic Mulch Specification:

  • Vegetation Establishment
  • Erosion Protection, and
  • Civil Earthworks Practice

Nilex has developed a 100% natural, biodegradable hydromulch which has been designed to aid in vegetation establishment and control erosion on bare soil site conditions ranging from flat, to moderate, to extreme slopes.

MulchMax is a cost effective, high quality method of seeding vegetation for land rehabilitation, reclamation, and erosion control. With its spray-on application, it provides the control to cover difficult, as well as inaccessible areas such as slopes.

MulchMax provides resilient coverage in a fraction of the time required for conventional methods of erosion control establishment, when applied at specified rates.

The key to the performance of MulchMax is bast fibers. Bast fibers are extremely strong plant fibers found only in a few plants throughout the world.

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